Winter Family Photos


I love doing photos in the winter and I was lucky that this awesome family decided to do a couple of shots outdoors. It was so much fun working with these guys, I mean look at all those great smiles!


Landscapes Around the Waterloo Region


I take far too many landscape photos that I never end up sharing so here is a post to get some of those moments out. There have been plenty of foggy days recently and it has given me a great opportunity to try my hand at photographing fog at different times of the day/night. I have also included a photo from a pumpkin patch, because why not?

American Kestrel

2016-05-14 - Kestrel 004

Trying to get a photo of a female American Kestrel in flight was pretty difficult. This one was done indoors in front of a black background (which was not very long across). She was really talkative and so fast. The first time she few across not one of us took a shot, it happened too quick, but after that we all started snapping in an attempt to catch her in flight and in focus! I have seen these beauties out along the back roads of the Waterloo Region, but only ever managed to get stationary photos of them. I am proud of these two in flight shots, though I know there is always room for improvement.

2016-05-14 - Red Tailed Hawkl 001

Next up is this beautiful Red Tailed Hawk. One of my favorite birds of prey to photograph on a regular basis as they are pretty common in the Waterloo Region. I have been lucky enough to get close to them in the wild, watching them hunt and well eat. Often they are found resting in trees or on poles, but once they are infringing on smaller birds territory it is fun to watch them get mobbed. After watching a red-winged blackbird rip out a hawks feather it isn’t surprising that many hawks, and other birds of prey, are missing feathers.


Unusual City Dweller

There is so much wildlife present if you take the time to look for it. In this case I heard there were herons hanging around a stream off of the Iron Horse trail. Never expected to find a green heron! The fact that a bird like this was hanging around so close to downtown Kitchener just goes to show the importance of green spaces.

2015-05-06 - Green Heron 001
Green heron off the Iron Horse trail in Kitchener