Animals in Captivity Part 7

Toronto Zoo 156

Though I already included a shot of a polar bear, I just couldn’t resist posting more. Polar bears remind me of living in the north, which I miss quite a lot. I find it interesting that places like zoos feel their habitats are more than adequate for the animals they house. In the case of large mammals it seems impossible to give them as much space as they really need. That being said I do not have a great understanding of the scale of the habitats versus what people see when they are visiting. I am glad for the opportunity to photograph these guys up close, but having seen them in the wild I can’t help feeling that large mammals should not be kept at the zoo.


Animals in Captivity Part 6

Toronto Zoo Reptile 007

Here are some more shots I have taken of reptiles and amphibians at the zoo. I personally love snakes and lizards, always wanted to have one as a pet, but for some reason I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. One thing I notice a lot when it comes to animals is the way they are categorized for our pleasure and understanding. My main example has always been when we think it is okay to experiment on rats, but not necessarily on primates simply due to our personal feelings of association, too much like us, or cute. Even though it is pretty clear that there is a hierarchy of animals based on how humans interact with them there will always be people who see the beauty in all animals regardless of their mass appeal or reputations. Many people have issues with reptiles, specifically snakes, but that doesn’t stop others from keeping them as pets and as a part of their families.

Animals in Captivity Part 5

Toronto Zoo Bird 002

One of my favorite subjects to photograph are birds. I definitely enjoy seeing them out in the wild better than in cages, but I do understand that many birds that end up in zoos are rescued and cannot be released into the wild. I have photographed many birds in captivity and it makes me sad knowing that many people dream of flying free like the birds while there are birds that cannot do so themselves. I understand that there are reasons that birds are kept, even as pets, but I still want to see them fly.

Animals in Captivity Part 4

Stanley Park Reptiles 003

Next up are the reptiles and amphibians! I have always found it difficult photographing through damp glass and in many of the habitats at the zoos and aquariums they are steamy and moisture locked. Even so I try my best to snap a picture of each. One thing I always think about when I look at reptiles and amphibians on display is that many of the different kinds are also kept as pets. This includes deadly species that could kill if mishandled.

Animals in Captivity Part 3


Both times I have gone to the Toronto Zoo it has been ridiculously hot and it clearly shows on the animals that have outdoor habitats. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, why can’t they be more active, look more lively and it always brings me back to the fact that they are kept in small areas in many instances conditions they would never face in their natural habitats.  I reflect a lot on the photos I take and I always find the apes to overall appear sad. That being said they are sometimes playful. As long as there are zoos I will continue going and photographing, hoping every time to capture something different and unique.

Animals in Captivity Part 2

Aquarium 001

Next up in this series is aquariums. I have seen plenty of fish behind glass which has been my only true experience photographing them. Maybe someday I will take the dive and do some underwater photography, but for now through the glass is my best access. Since I have not done any underwater photography I always feel that my photos are too staged, that the surroundings are super fake. Regardless I feel that it is capturing the moment and I like the results.

Landscapes Around the Waterloo Region


I take far too many landscape photos that I never end up sharing so here is a post to get some of those moments out. There have been plenty of foggy days recently and it has given me a great opportunity to try my hand at photographing fog at different times of the day/night. I have also included a photo from a pumpkin patch, because why not?