About Me

Hello! I’m Alexandra Bailey, and I would like to be your photographer!

I have a deep passion for photography and have been shooting for over a decade. I enjoy interpreting and representing the world through my camera. My photographic eye helps me set up great shots. I live my life to look through a camera.

I like to challenge myself to design exciting photo shoots. I also like taking my camera out on the street or forest and taking shots of whatever I see. I believe that a combination of good planning and on-the-spot spontaneity is the best recipe for amazing photos.

I live with my beautiful daughter, partner, and cat in Kitchener. Together we hike around the city, and explore the Grand River watershed and beyond. When I’m not out shooting and exploring, I like to listen to music, watch cartoons, and play games.

Working with others is a key part of photography. I want to work with you to make sure your vision can be realized. I want to help you see your project to the end – and take the best photographs possible.

Hope to capture your moments soon!



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