Animals in Captivity Part 4

Stanley Park Reptiles 003

Next up are the reptiles and amphibians! I have always found it difficult photographing through damp glass and in many of the habitats at the zoos and aquariums they are steamy and moisture locked. Even so I try my best to snap a picture of each. One thing I always think about when I look at reptiles and amphibians on display is that many of the different kinds are also kept as pets. This includes deadly species that could kill if mishandled.


Animals in Captivity Part 2

Aquarium 001

Next up in this series is aquariums. I have seen plenty of fish behind glass which has been my only true experience photographing them. Maybe someday I will take the dive and do some underwater photography, but for now through the glass is my best access. Since I have not done any underwater photography I always feel that my photos are too staged, that the surroundings are super fake. Regardless I feel that it is capturing the moment and I like the results.