Sam the Bald Eagle

2016-05-14 - Eagle 005

I started this set with Sam and so shall it end. Once again I have to say that getting to be this close to a Bald Eagle in flight was a great experience. For years I searched for and watched Bald Eagles from quite the distance and to finally get shots like this made me so happy. Eventually I hope to get some photos of eagles out in the wild that compare to the ones I got at this workshop, but that seems a long time off. For now I will continue to enjoy the photos I got and continue to apply all I learned to better capture the wonder of birds of prey in flight!


Sam the Bald Eagle

2016-05-14 - Eagle 002

Back in May I got a wonderful opportunity to photograph some awesome raptors. I got to get up close and work on capturing in flight shots! Here are some photos of Sam the Bald Eagle. It was quite something getting to photograph him flying over water (got his wing tips dragging in the water in a couple of shots) and though it was super windy I think the added texture is cool. A few of the photos with Sam were done over Lake Erie. I will be posting more raptor photos in the coming days!