Little Owlets

2016-05-14 - Baby Barn Owl 001

Baby owls, cute right? Well just like any other bird (in my personal opinion) there is a period of time where they are creepy old men lookalikes. The owlet depicted above is a two week old Barn Owl and the photos below are of an 8 week old Great Horned Owl. Once they get past the real awkward stage, they are just as cute as the cuddliest little kitten. This was a real treat to see. I have rarely seen owls in the wild and have never seen owlets so I am extremely happy that these little guys were there for us to meet.


Oliver the Great Horned Owl

2016-05-14 - Great Horned Owl 003

Oliver was the first raptor I got to work with that day. It was a damp, wet morning and what a challenge it is to photograph in the rain! Adds some cool texture though. It was difficult to capture his wings with such low light so I tried something a little more artistic to get the wings blurred a bit. I like the effect, but I still prefer the detail of the wings. Some day I would love to see a Great Horned Owl in the wild.